So according to Riot some names are offensive!

So if you have the name hitler or stalin or what ever you get your name change..... And that because they are linked to a person who did some bad things... But the name hitler was over 60% used in the early 1900 and after the Normal hitler the name was stop used But my user name "Giggling Granny" is linked to a person who murder 40 people and burried them....and she got that name because in the court when the judge was saying what she does she was Giggling....guess what everyone who see my user name has no problem with it But with the A NORMAL name "Hitler" everyone is offended.... That make you wonder..what is really offensive? something that really offend us or something mainstream that the mainstream culture want to be offended by.... And that how riot can put serial killer names but if they are not well known riot would not care And i can drop the ratio a bit more if i put the name of the norwegian serial killer who kill kids in a island i would get my name change but if i put the name of a Ped-ophile that kill and rape 150 kids and burried them in his house in mexico RIOT would not even care because he is not mainstream.... So what really offensive Riot?
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