seperate queues for surrenderers and non-surrenderers please. Surrendering = Huge Waste of Time.

Listen up guys, I only got one game at times per whatever time period, it's only 20-40 full minutes free and that is IT I have maybe a single game per day. i have fun if I can play a game to the fullest win or lose. the only way it is a waste is via surrendering. I fucking hate it when people surrender when there is no AFK and I only have one chance to play league of legends per day or time period/ it's my last game for whatever reason. As long as I can fight it out to the end, it's a worth it time spent of 30-40 minutes. People complain about wasting time, well I only got one game so they fucking waste my time by squandering my only game of the day (this was back when I had one game of the day. At this moment I was playing my last game before sleep. I don't have time to do more than one game of League per day after work -one hour to unwind and then gotta get a lot of other stuff done- a lot of times in the past unless I have a full free day I can squander on league games, then I don't give that much of a crap about surrendering). Salt aside, tho, I think we'd be happier if we had separate queues. We obviously can't stand each other. Surrenderers don't get the concept of "Time", "Wasting Time", and people who don't have the spare time to play more than one game in a row, and I don't get the concept of "wasting their time" when they need to have a quick win game to have fun and it's obvious they have plenty of time to squander if they can even play another game afterwards. Either way, our concept of 'having fun' is incompatible, surrenderers will never respect my time, and I don't see how I can respect their concept of winning when I'm out of time. To be honest, them talking about wasting my time when they are grossly wasting mine and obviously have plenty of it to play more than one league game really puts me on tilt. Unless someone is actually free that *entire* day how do they even have more than an hour to spare?! Can we have separate queues please? What do you guys think is the solution? I mean, no one gives a shit about other people's time, and our values of 'fun' seem to be incompatible, so if we had separate queues wouldn't everything be better? Then surrenderers don't have to be an inconsiderate asshole to me who only has a single game to play and needs to play through the whole thing to have fun, and I don't have to be an asshole to them by making them play thru a game they rather not when they have plenty of time on their hands to just play another. I still think they're being much more of an asshole to me than I am to them but I am also on tilt. Even if someone surrenders after 20 minutes, it takes maybe 5-10 minutes to rejoin, the next game could take 40 minutes if we're talking classic, or same with ARAM, so I still get no game chance after it, if my time allotment for gaming is a single hour. We used to have *Dominion* so this wouldn't even be an issue, 30 minutes blind pick, no one ever hardly surrendered it was so quick, but sadly, that isn't the case now. (rito, pls) If we had separate queues then when I have only a single time game I can queue up with people who won't surrender unless there is an irl issue and play it to the finish for my 1 hour time. What do you all suggest? Anyway I would like to play another to get the bad taste of surrender attempts out of my mouth, but I don't have any time left. *sigh*. sorry, that sentence is off topic. ~~also rito battle bunny jax please :P ~~ *Disclaimer for ranty language because I'm mildly tilted by my last game before sleeping being annoyed with surrender attempts but I really do want to know what people think of separate queues for us
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