I am sick and tired every time there are more than 2 premades in your team the GAME IS ALREADY LOST.... wHY? Simple because the premades would destroy the game they would ether play for their selves ignore the solo players and more often lose because "we are stoned bro ahahaha" or they are gonna be super toxic and they are gonna curse and blame everyone except their premades... THAT NEED TO STOP MAKE IT SO THERE IS A REPORT CATEGORY OF PREMADE ABUSE THAT INSTA PUNISH GROUP OF 3 OR 4 THAT ENTER A GAME AND DESTROY IT!! The solo player have no defense against 4x reports for no reason have no defense against 4x ABUSE of 4 premades MAKE IT SO IT CAN BE REPORTABLE TO BE PREMADES 4 AND ABUSE AND DESTROY GAMES This NEED TO STOP if you decide to go 3 or 4 premades you need to be play like you play AS YOU PLAYING SOLO many of this pathetic premades enter game and because they are premades they think they can do what ever And there COUNTLESS times that you dont even want to be in that game and play any more SIMPLE BECAUSE THEY START TROLLING THE GAMEPLAY DO SOMETHING RIOT 10000 SYSTEMS TO CATCH TOXICITY OF ONE PERSON TO ANOTHER HOW ABOUT 4 PEOPLE OR 3 DESTROYS AND ABUSE ONE PLAYER? FIX THE GOD DAMN PREMADES ALREADY
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