This I dont agree with this ban, My other Chat Bans I understand.

Game 1 Pre-Game xDanceGavinDance: yikes new blitz is a pain in the ass xDanceGavinDance: his small rework is annoying xDanceGavinDance: his ult marks people and they take increased dmg xDanceGavinDance: max rank is 150% xDanceGavinDance: yeah its rough In-Game xDanceGavinDance: idk when the last time i faced A GP was xDanceGavinDance: he might be mid xDanceGavinDance: the minion block is real xDanceGavinDance: i forgot sylas was on my team i was like wtf is GP ulting top for xDanceGavinDance: im getting camped xDanceGavinDance: doing something else where xDanceGavinDance: no shit xDanceGavinDance: its been all game xDanceGavinDance: i cant xDanceGavinDance: too much cc xDanceGavinDance: hec you are always so late xDanceGavinDance: hec xDanceGavinDance: you talking shit for? xDanceGavinDance: you are doing terrible xDanceGavinDance: you are fastest champ but you are always late? xDanceGavinDance: fastest champ but always late xDanceGavinDance: well you might take to long to not do anything so its ok xDanceGavinDance: crugs over Drake xDanceGavinDance: nice xDanceGavinDance: hooray for toxic team xDanceGavinDance: toxic teams generally lose so its ok xDanceGavinDance: yeah but most toxic teams lose xDanceGavinDance: so its all good xDanceGavinDance: hahaha xDanceGavinDance: no i didnt xDanceGavinDance: for what xDanceGavinDance: im getting camped all fucking game xDanceGavinDance: so report me xDanceGavinDance: lol xDanceGavinDance: see? xDanceGavinDance: im not trolling hard xDanceGavinDance: people are just bitching xDanceGavinDance: like like children xDanceGavinDance: she is invisible xDanceGavinDance: hecarim the fastest champ but was always late xDanceGavinDance: so its whatever xDanceGavinDance: you are toxic xDanceGavinDance: oh well Im cool with losing LP because people cant lose a lane with being threatened with reports xDanceGavinDance: You lose lane and get flamed beyond belief Post-Game xDanceGavinDance: i wasnt feeding asshole xDanceGavinDance: get over it xDanceGavinDance: i was legit trying xDanceGavinDance: for what? xDanceGavinDance: you never went 0/5 xDanceGavinDance: you never done that before xDanceGavinDance: i think you have xDanceGavinDance: cause im tired of toxic trash xDanceGavinDance: why be an asshole xDanceGavinDance: im fine, just tired of toxic people xDanceGavinDance: acting like they never lose lane xDanceGavinDance: or have a bad game
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