Riot needs to do something about mages building AP

I'm just so sick and tired of people coming into my games, picking Brand/Annie/Veigar/Aurelion/etc., and building {{item:3285}}/{{item:3027}} /{{item:3151}} . They should NOT be able to build full AP. We need a cap on AP items so that they're forced to buy at least one defensive item and one AD item-- I don't care if they don't scale AD. *** That sounds pretty stupid, right? Now, I want you to think about why it's stupid to ask that people be barred from building what's most effective for their champion, and compare it to complaining about people picking strong champions. And, hey, if you actually don't see why asking that there be no meta in a 10-man game with more than 10 characters is impossible you can try to explain it down below. *** Edit: since it seems obvious sarcasm and reading past the title is too difficult, here:
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