Hi, my name is Christopher I am in bronze and want help in my games. Quick note I know that I am not prefect. I know from getting gold in Starcraft 2 vision gets kills and saves lives and that will almost always snowball the game to victory. Now I main jungle and enjoy champs like kha and rengar and cho. In a couple of games I got stalkers for more wards and I got more kills and helped snowball my bot lane. However I still lost because nobody used the vision I had and the vision I get can improve. During my games I always go why was I there with no vision or why did I die and how to not let it happen again I have different levels of success in that regard. What I would like to know is to get the victory with low Elo like I am to get to gold what are ways one person can do that most people can make use of. Examples would be best ways to know who you can help snowball if you have a link to a video or website that has tips. I also want help in knowing what I should try always in a game. I know that leagues elo system even if I go 3 and 7 can still detect how well I played and if there are any just general tips for smart play I want to hear them. Pls help I would love to be a better player because doing well feels good and makes others better as well.
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