It's not flaming its constructive feedback.

Difference between: "Try to farm under tower and play passive" vs "Wtf is that cs mid fucking dogshit, get me out of this game" A lot of the time people become overly sensitive to the first comment, which makes no sense. If you're teammate is telling you politely to switch your strat or doing something that will increase your efficiency don't accuse them of flaming you because they just want to help you. After all you're on the same team and if you do poorly the entire team suffers together. Now quite some time actually the second statement does come up more than needed at times. So what do you do? Read and see if what they said jis true if it is you can try heading their advice (if it is advice and not just being toxic for the sake of it) then simply mute them. However please take into consideration that there is an in between for example: "mid cs better" Now some people take this statement as flame, when all someone asked was to cs better. They didn't say "you suck at farming", they just want you to stay ahead of your opponent so in the end the team wins. They simply don't want someone falling behind on their team. Tl;Dr Learn to differentiate between someone actually flaming you and asking you to improve via constructive feedback/criticism
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