Permanently banned

Hey, this account was perm banned at the start of this year (maybe end of last year can't 100% remember) I was just wondering where I can find the chat logs etc. As I did not receive them through email, I completely accept the ban and happy to take it I just want to see where I can improve on my self. Much appreciated for any reply. Just to clarify I'm 100% sure the ban was definitely deserved I'm not trying to appeal it as I got perm banned 8 months after receiving a 2 week ban so I should've kept my words to my self. [3:39] Chaturbate (Annie): annie* [4:11] Chaturbate (Annie): lul [4:13] Chaturbate (Annie): lee gone afk [6:07] Chaturbate (Annie): what [6:09] Chaturbate (Annie): how is that my fault [6:14] Chaturbate (Annie): im just zoning them lmfao [6:41] Chaturbate (Annie): feel fre [6:53] Chaturbate (Annie): wtf is he doing lmfao [9:57] Chaturbate (Annie): this galio lmfao [11:04] Chaturbate (Annie): dont [11:08] Chaturbate (Annie): teleport [11:08] Chaturbate (Annie): on [11:09] Chaturbate (Annie): tibbers [11:10] Chaturbate (Annie): again [11:36] Chaturbate (Annie): i like how lee doesnt even apologise. [14:35] [All] Chaturbate (Annie): hunting you boy [16:04] Chaturbate (Annie): ... [16:42] Chaturbate (Annie): wp annie [17:03] Chaturbate (Annie): wp vayne [19:31] [All] Chaturbate (Annie): i mean [19:33] [All] Chaturbate (Annie): youre dead [19:40] [All] Chaturbate (Annie): im the support [19:44] [All] Chaturbate (Annie): not the assassin khazix [19:46] [All] Chaturbate (Annie): sure i am [19:48] [All] Chaturbate (Annie): im tilting you [19:56] [All] Chaturbate (Annie): clearly [20:01] [All] Chaturbate (Annie): youre so tilted mate [20:06] [All] Chaturbate (Annie): kinda feel bad [20:16] [All] Chaturbate (Annie): its okay mate [20:18] [All] Chaturbate (Annie): everyone gets tilted [20:26] [All] Chaturbate (Annie): id be tilted getting 1 shot by a support [20:33] [All] Chaturbate (Annie): you have the worst pathing ever [20:42] [All] Chaturbate (Annie): youre so predictable where youre going to be [20:47] [All] Chaturbate (Annie): youll learn to jungle one day it's fine :) [20:53] [All] Chaturbate (Annie): nvm he was afk for 10 minutes + [20:56] [All] Chaturbate (Annie): and you applied no pressure? [21:12] [All] Chaturbate (Annie): nice blue ward btw [21:42] Chaturbate (Annie): wasnt 5v3 [21:44] Chaturbate (Annie): stop speaking [21:45] [All] Chaturbate (Annie): ty lad [21:52] Chaturbate (Annie): was a 2v2 [22:02] Chaturbate (Annie): but better go farm bot vayne :)) [22:06] Chaturbate (Annie): youre useless without me [22:29] Chaturbate (Annie): R+W KARMA [22:39] Chaturbate (Annie): ill stay with you [22:41] Chaturbate (Annie): cus you cant play alone [22:46] Chaturbate (Annie): no [22:47] Chaturbate (Annie): no [22:48] Chaturbate (Annie): you never [23:23] Chaturbate (Annie): ?? [26:29] Chaturbate (Annie): why do you have both??? [26:37] Chaturbate (Annie): they share the same fucking passive dude [27:35] Chaturbate (Annie): galio [27:38] Chaturbate (Annie): do [27:38] Chaturbate (Annie): not [27:39] Chaturbate (Annie): buy [27:41] Chaturbate (Annie): both of them [28:49] Chaturbate (Annie): kek [28:56] Chaturbate (Annie): why you w to me [28:58] Chaturbate (Annie): i lost all vision [29:29] Chaturbate (Annie): wouldve 1 shot them [29:32] Chaturbate (Annie): but i lost all vision [32:30] Chaturbate (Annie): pf [33:11] Chaturbate (Annie): LUL [34:29] Chaturbate (Annie): is vayne mad? [34:57] Chaturbate (Annie): LOL [35:01] Chaturbate (Annie): yeah 2/7/15 [35:04] Chaturbate (Annie): and i got you your lead [35:06] Chaturbate (Annie): dont evn speak [35:07] Chaturbate (Annie): you did nothing [35:08] Chaturbate (Annie): in lane [35:11] Chaturbate (Annie): i did everything [35:40] Chaturbate (Annie): lul [35:41] Chaturbate (Annie): this vayne [36:39] Chaturbate (Annie): cool [36:58] [All] Chaturbate (Annie): gg [37:02] [All] Chaturbate (Annie): report this vayne [37:06] [All] Chaturbate (Annie): toxic as fuck [37:10] [All] Chaturbate (Annie): got carried in lane [37:11] [All] Chaturbate (Annie): still speaks [37:14] [All] Chaturbate (Annie): oh that warrants it/ [37:16] [All] Chaturbate (Annie): you idiot *EDIT* Put in the chat logs I was provided by riot support email if anyone was interested.
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