why do I get permanently banned>?

Game 1 thekevinhart: can we report this sup thekevinhart: no matter what happend thekevinhart: tele thekevinhart: toxic? thekevinhart: god thekevinhart: duo playing thekevinhart: gg thekevinhart: god thekevinhart: riot really know how to lose my game thekevinhart: riot paly + duo playing thekevinhart: without riot player thekevinhart: adc ks thekevinhart: jg steal my blue buff thekevinhart: gg thekevinhart: yeah sure thekevinhart: gg thekevinhart: no blue buff thekevinhart: I can nto def thekevinhart: I had no mana thekevinhart: you riot playaer play for lose thekevinhart: no mana thekevinhart: I can not def thekevinhart: I had no mana thekevinhart: sorry thekevinhart: this jg steal every my blue buff thekevinhart: a blue buff stealer report a carrying mid thekevinhart: god thekevinhart: riot thekevinhart: can you not ks thekevinhart: noe mana thekevinhart: can not def thekevinhart: no blue buff thekevinhart: sorry thekevinhart: noe blue buff thekevinhart: I will go bot then thekevinhart: can you guys thekevinhart: do nto die thekevinhart: I can not play with my full strength thekevinhart: no bklue buff thekevinhart: no sup at all thekevinhart: vel koz thekevinhart: build eys stone thekevinhart: they are triple then you guys thekevinhart: riot really think I am a god thekevinhart: i am the god thekevinhart: nice jg thekevinhart: and sup thekevinhart: good job thekevinhart: sup thekevinhart: riot even think I can carry you thekevinhart: why riot think I am a god thekevinhart: am I good like that> thekevinhart: no thekevinhart: we have a sup like this thekevinhart: we have a jg like this thekevinhart: of crouse thekevinhart: we have a sup and jg thekevinhart: what can you expect thekevinhart: gg thekevinhart: they do not admit they are friend thekevinhart: why do not you agree thekevinhart: do you think I can carry you guyts? thekevinhart: jg and sup thekevinhart: god thekevinhart: gg thekevinhart: please reprot sup and jg thekevinhart: riot prove 1 thinkg thekevinhart: this game made for noobs thekevinhart: this adc thekevinhart: this sup thekevinhart: this jg thekevinhart: I am reallty god thekevinhart: I can hold this long thekevinhart: gg thekevinhart: this is not your fault thekevinhart: riot jsut wnat to insult me with you riot palyer Only thing I get from my chat is the riot love troll player who spend money on this game and hate those points out this game really made for noobs

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