Should they revamp tribunal

Look we have had tribunal once before, did it work well not really as intended but it’s not like we learned nothing from it. I think we should keep the automated system in place but have a tribunal for the people who slip through the cracks but who still get reported. And look all we would need is the gameplay files and what not so we can get an accurate representation of a player. Regardless of wether a player is just having a bad day it doesn’t give them the right to be toxic and tilt other players that’s why if convicted small comp bans or even queue cooldowns would be effective in relieving some of th stress off the community. As for rewards, we’ll rewarding people for doing the right thing can work and I can also make people convict non guilty players. So a system where if a player is caught convicting too many people or is just straight up not taking the time to review each case either revoke their tribunal rights till they learn or give them a small queue cooldown. It’s only fair. But in rewarding players to do the right thing you find the good things in the community. I propose a possible once monthly thing if the community manages to use the tribunal properly where we can vote for cool game modes or our own personal shop or what not just cool things that involve us. Hopefully I don’t just have delusions of grandeur and someone else understands what I’m yammering on about. Just sleep on it and get back to me.
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