To The Frustrated Players Talking About the Reporting System "Not Working"

You're an individual, playing with 9 other Summoners at any given time. Sometimes you run across the same player once or twice, but otherwise, you tend meet new people every game. In a lot of those games, I'm sure there's someone that you feel should be reported, whether that be for being toxic, griefing, inting, or whatever. I don't know how accurate the number is, but after a quick search it was estimated that **80 MILLION** people play League of Legends as of June of 2018. Do the math guys. Do you realistically expect to see the results of your reports so quickly with such a large player base when you're weeding through them 1 or 2 players a game? **It's a joint effort.** We as a community work together to send the reports in (when they're necessary and actually deserved) so that we can keep the community wholesome and civil. It's not perfect. I haven't seen anyone claim that it is, but the number of posts I'm seeing talking about the system being "flawed" or "useless" because YOU'RE not seeing the results is ridiculous to be frank. Realistically, I think the only player base that would be able to _see_ the results of their reports would be Master and Challenger because of how small the pool of players is at that rank whereas Silver and Gold make up a whopping 70% or so. Food for thought. Good luck on the Rift and positive vibes to ya! I hope I'm not out of line and I hope I haven't stepped on any toes!
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