Is It Really So Hard to Not be Toxic?

I guess, I'm honestly asking this. Maybe it's just me but my last few days have been filled with toxic players to the point I don't really want to play anymore. Now to be fair, I'm no saint. I get pissed at people, and sometimes I lash out at them. In my case it's almost always in response to another player flaming, I don't flame people for having a bad game. However, I do understand some of the anger. You invest in a game and you get angry when things go wrong. That being said, I've never been chat restricted for my comments, I'm sure I've been reported and some of those reports were probably deserved, but even when I'm super pissed off and responding to chat toxicity (which I know I should just mute and ignore) I don't start saying that a player should kill himself or start cussing them out and using racial slurs. Yet, that's exactly the behavior of people in my last 5+ games. In each one of these I'm proud to say I did NOT return the flames, but even my relatively peaceful responses aimed at getting the team to calm down just made the flamers even more pissed and turn their ire toward me. Things like: "Hey guys. That's not helping here. Let's just focus on the game and not on typing." or "Hey guys, can we just work together please? Just ignore the people who piss you off and lets try to win" or (the one that apparently fanned the flames the most) "Ok, I'm sorry but I'm going to put you on ignore. I can't argue with you and focus on winning. So please just stop typing to me and focus on snowballing the lanes." Just some of the things others said were (censored) : "You're worthless now and you'll be worthless late game just like you're worthless in life trash." And, "The only thing you'll [I honestly don't remember the verb] is your mother when she dies fa%%%" "You want a magical f%%% fairytale community? Play another game, because you are all s%%% ni%%% here. Uninstall then kill yourself." "One poppy just peeled all you ni%%%% told you you'd be late game trash. \allchat "REPORT THIS TEAM INTENTIONAL FEEDING!" After the last comment that player went to baron stood on top of enemy ward and started Barron while yelling in \allchat for them to come kill him, get Barron and end the game. So I'm asking, is it really so much to ask people to keep their rage down to a "You suck, this game is over, ff at 20. All of you ignored until then," level? Even that is something I would never say in chat and would be pissed if someone else said (almost every game can be recovered from and those kinds of attitudes lose winnable games) but I could live with that if that was where the worst of it was. Is it really so hard for people to hold their rage to that? P.S. I'm not even in Elo Hell. I'm currently Gold II and on my way up. I realize Gold-Plat isn't even close to LCS material, but no one who has legitimately got to that rank "sucks" at the game. We all have bad games just like we all have legendary games, can't we all just agree to be nice about it?
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