Unpopular Opinion: Riot does a good job with its punishment system for trolls and inters

I normally don't have many great things to say about Rito. But their less aggressive banning for trolling and inting is for the best of the game. I used to play this game like 10+ hours a day for over 2 years. I hardly ever encountered anything beyond verbal toxicity. I really can't understand why people say there's an issue with riot's system for dealing with trolls or inters because at the end of the day its almost impossible to feasibly decipher between a "bad" gameplay and real trolling unless they're 24/7 running it down mid. Maybe learn to move on with your life instead of making some huge issue over something that happens maybe once every 200 games. If you're so obsessed that you feel the need to check up on the person days or weeks later to see if they got punished then that's pretty sad. If it is a common occurence for you, it might be an issue with you because the rare few times I have witnessed trolls, they've been provoked by their teammates in some fashion.

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