Honor/ EOS Rewards

Who else thinks this Version of getting rewards is rigged and unfair. (Was told by my support ticket responder to put this here). Who else is with me that they should revert to the old way of if you get banned/suspended or repeatedly punished thats how you lose rewards. This current system is by far way to extreme and unfair in how it operates. Okay around a week ago I got chat restricted and am no longer able to get end of season rewards JUST because of the timing of my restriction. I was Honor Lvl 4 and dropped to 0 because of just one game where I overly tilted, I think this system is completely unfair because 1. The timing makes it impossible to get from Honor 0 to Honor 2 (After restricted games it took 43 games to EVEN UNLOCK honor gaining again) 2. A repeat offender can get rewards but I can't just because of timing on restriction. 3. Since Preseason 1 I am pretty sure this is MY FIRST punishment of any kind, if not first it is the first in YEARS. I have put a lot of time and money into this game over the past 9 years, I never had a account banned or suspended, was never ineligible for end of season rewards until now. I really want my rewards and I know the current system is completely unfair, and its all just because of timing. The system should of stayed on the if you where repeat offender, Suspended or banned or even had it set up if you got a chat restricted it dropped you ONE honor level instead of all the way from 4 to 0. All I am asking is that you give the rewards to me and to the people like me who got into this crappy situation because of your horrendous system.
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