"Open Mid" feature?

I know this started in Korea for teams that wanted an early end to the game due to trolls. But i've noticed people have started doing this in NA as well. My last game they had us group mid because they had a Clarity/Cleanse Sivir run into mid turret 3 times to feed our Malz. While I believe player toxicity should be banned, perhaps a feature like "Open Mid" should be implemented as a sort of early surrender. Have it on a cooldown of 5 minutes or so. That way the game has to play out a little to determine if they player is actually trolling or a god. Then have a vote (kind of like surrender) where your team votes AGAINST the person that is trolling them. If the vote succeeds (4 required) then do something to allow the enemy team to push through mid freely. Drop turret strength, give enemy team enough gold to full build, remove minions from side lanes and spawn nothing but super minions on enemy team. Just some ideas but I think it would help players get into healthier games where they acn enjoy themselves instead of being stuck waiting 20 minutes getting completely dominated. Edit: Someone replied saying that it's no different than a 20 minute surrender, or dropping the surrender time. The reason I think this should be implemented side by side with a Surrender option (or even surrendering the game if the vote succeeds) would be that it allows more control against toxic players. I'd like to give an example of how the system could work: Irelia top runs cleanse/clarity. She proceeds to run mid and feed multiple kills. Players initiate the vote after the 5 minute mark. The vote succeeds. Irelia is automatically flagged for trolling, get's a 1 ranked game restriction (the player is obviously tilted/toxic). Team A automatically surrenders the game but receives a 0 LP loss until the game is reviewed. After review, the team either receives a higher LP/MMR drop than normal for the false report and the irelia receives standard LP loss for losing the game. Or the team receives a lower LP/MMR drop due to being trolled while the Irelia loses much more LP and get's a ranked ban/time ban. Either way team B receives standard LP. This would prevent people from initiating the vote needlessly while still allowing players to not be punished negatively because someone joined their game while tilting and expected to troll. Also, disabling it after around 10 minutes would prevent people from abusing it just because they don't like how the game plays out. My idea could be improved on, but I firmly believe a system like this would definitely encourage player behavior and reduce the amount of tilting/trolling going on in ranked settings.
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