Mute Pings needs to be added

With the new pings being added i think it's time that we should be allowed to mute pings. (this is a story if you don't want to read, relevant but also me venting(this occured in a normal game)) i had gotten jungle and wanted to play yorick top, this is after multiple lobbies where somone dodged leading to about 20 minutes of my time wasted trying to get into a game. me and the toplaner agreed to switch roles so i proceeded to hover yorick, when it was his turn to ban he immediatly banned yorick, frustrated i switched my tp back to smite and locked in morde when it was my turn to pick. I got invaded by the enemy shaco and died at red, our top then proceeded to spam ping my death timer to taunt me, our midlaner chimmed in on it to and defended him in all chat when i asked the enemy to report the toplaner, the spam continued every time i died over a 40 minute game. Both the enemy mid and adc(who was vayne, surprise surprise) were also toxic to me and defended the top and midlaner on my team for their toxicity.
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