Do I Deserve a perma for this one game?

Game 1 dy961: first time hec xd dy961: i got autofilled top so dy961: why you gotta pick panth dy961: exatcly dy961: was made to have literally no couterplay early game dy961: why the hell did you push my wave kayn dy961: like dy961: i like to thank kayn for pushing my wave dy961: dont push my fucking wave against a guy who beats me dickhead dy961: fuck yourself dy961: thanks fuckface dy961: afking btw dy961: if this jungle gonna be an alpha and never let me actually get ahead dy961: treating me like im some french prosistute he just screwed and left in the morning dy961: look its still free dy961: and kayn never considered me a 5th player dy961: so im just gonna sit back dy961: and spectate dy961: its afking a norms in preseason dy961: worst thing i get in a low que dy961: lul dy961: no one has ever be banned for afking dy961: you must be fucking blind dy961: cool i can get around getting banned by dcing? dy961: dude dy961: lul dy961: i've see people afk and int in ranked games and never got punished dy961: twice in a row dy961: so i doubt afking one game is gonna ban me dy961: so keep dreaming dy961: there is a mute button dy961: if you wanna keep acting all high and mighty than do the right thing mute me, report me or something and move on dy961: same XD dy961: lol dy961: that doesnt make much sense dy961: would it make you happy if i try and come back in? dy961: i wont feed i swear i'll just farm cs at towers dy961: anybody want me to try and comeback? dy961: no? dy961: well if its your wish dy961: i'll just stay afk dy961: sorry kayn forbid me from playing dy961: i said i come back in dy961: but nobody wants me to xd dy961: whos voting no if everybody is so upset then dy961: i voted yes dy961: cus Riot CertinlyT loves humanity dy961: lul dy961: :( dy961: lel mad dy961: LEL NICE AIMING KAYN dy961: oof dy961: got me there dy961: you know legos are really still cool even as an adult dy961: fucking uncultured dy961: lel more mad dy961: really now? I got a 14 day ban a little over a month ago for telling someone to KYS twice
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