Dear RIOT. I got banned for this. Never was I toxic until the end of the game. Unjustified.

How do you judge anything by listening to one side of the conversation? That is not how anything should work at the minimum. And to be honest if this is how you pass your decisions then ban me right now outright because you are making judgements that don't make sense and now I can't even reasonably communicate even when my friends and I play flex Game 1 Silas666: dude Silas666: ur ping is too high Silas666: FCK ANNIE Silas666: STOP Silas666: ISAID DONT BE AGRO EARLY GAME Silas666: dont Silas666: shen stay out of bot Silas666: unless we ping Silas666: so annie went mid eh Silas666: ANNIE Silas666: I HAVE HEALL MAN Silas666: LIKE WHY ARE RUNNING AWAY Silas666: YO Silas666: STOP Silas666: stop feeding Silas666: i pinged Silas666: so many times Silas666: can u guys start paying attentin Silas666: mid and annie Silas666: THEN FCKIN LISTEN Silas666: TO THE PINGS Silas666: IM PINGING Silas666: THAT THEYRE' COMING Silas666: NO Silas666: LITTLE FKCIN BTCHES Silas666: idiots like u make me mad Silas666: i ping Silas666: u back Silas666: simple Silas666: wat Silas666: wat do expect Silas666: when annie is with you Silas666: shes taking the experience Silas666: gg Silas666: report annie please Silas666: ahri too but i feel like she just sucks Silas666: how Silas666: i get upset at feeders Silas666: man stfu ahri like ur jesus christ Silas666: no ur sad Silas666: lol the childish im better than u come back Silas666: well she admitted to it Silas666: i guess we can report her too Silas666: thats nota mistake moron Silas666: thats intentional Silas666: no sht Silas666: man Silas666: u and ahri fed Silas666: why did u engage shen Silas666: who the fck do u think u are ahri Silas666: it was a question to him that he answered Silas666: play the game Silas666: child Silas666: smd Silas666: please Silas666: or bend over Silas666: please Silas666: its ur style Silas666: gangplank Silas666: if u werent paying attentin Silas666: ahri and annie cost us the game Silas666: alright now we gonna ff Silas666: unlike you i dont like wasting my time Silas666: omg we have a psychotherapist here Silas666: you know what that makes u annie right? Silas666: a sociopath Silas666: u like to subvert control and think it makes decisions like these important Silas666: hey ahri Silas666: its not about control u morn Silas666: moron Silas666: thats cause its a minute goldfish Silas666: or does ur memory work that way? Silas666: and what are u doing? Silas666: u need to troll to feel power Silas666: and importance Silas666: lol i thought they killed you morg Silas666: guess that was too much to expect from these 2 mentally challenged folks Silas666: good Silas666: dude stop typing Silas666: just report annie and ahri please Silas666: and hope i literally never have to see there names again PS I don't Understand but that's the only option you gave me.
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