WTF HOW DID I GET BANNED? (2 week ban)

Don't get me wrong, League is a fun game and all, but there are those people who deliberately ruin other peoples moods and decide to troll and int. I barely even said anything personal. I just ask my teamates why theyre feeding and all that and just tell them to stop. But it's scary bc things like that can get you reported and even banned... here are the chat logs Game 1 Xeronator1: hey yasuo Xeronator1: do you want to fight teemo Xeronator1: ty Xeronator1: i need lol Xeronator1: can i red Xeronator1: yea Xeronator1: im reporting this yasuo Xeronator1: ff if yall want? Xeronator1: wtf Xeronator1: are u serious Xeronator1: 4 top Xeronator1: god you bad viktor Xeronator1: lol Xeronator1: 4 top Xeronator1: 40 more sec Xeronator1: yea i pinged you to come. Xeronator1: yall have 4 people Xeronator1: lol Xeronator1: you have 4 fed players Xeronator1: that I didnt feed Xeronator1: the yi int Xeronator1: bronze yi Xeronator1: says no and thinks we can win this Xeronator1: unwinnable Xeronator1: why are you people saying no Xeronator1: zoe why would you say no Xeronator1: like why Xeronator1: why are you people wasting timw Xeronator1: you guys are the reason why league is a toxic community Xeronator1: troll 0-8 yi Xeronator1: 1-5 zoe Xeronator1: jesus Xeronator1: and then yall still want to waste time Xeronator1: vayne im on your side on this one Xeronator1: i dont like this zoe at all Xeronator1: report her too ok? Xeronator1: you inted zoe Xeronator1: ?? Xeronator1: report zoe for toxic Xeronator1: and inting Game 2 Xeronator1: lol mb Xeronator1: the chat screen didnt work for me Xeronator1: can i top? Xeronator1: ??? Xeronator1: ?? Xeronator1: what an ass.. Xeronator1: my chat didnt work for some reason in champ select. Xeronator1: aight reporting you then Xeronator1: i legit dont like your personality Xeronator1: so reported Xeronator1: all good Xeronator1: hey man Xeronator1: i didnt ask for this Xeronator1: lol dont come bot Xeronator1: this isnt even my problem Xeronator1: just the trist Xeronator1: XD Xeronator1: XD Xeronator1: lol Xeronator1: u wanted top u got top orn Xeronator1: XD Xeronator1: yes take the adc farm kayn Xeronator1: i mean Xeronator1: u are silver 4 Xeronator1: orn Xeronator1: shitty rank Xeronator1: im a support yasuo Xeronator1: ? Xeronator1: lol Xeronator1: who gives a Xeronator1: look at our orn Xeronator1: 51 cs 13 minutes Xeronator1: while they illaoi Xeronator1: 104 cs in 1 3 min Xeronator1: you saw me picked yasuo Xeronator1: u still decide to go top Xeronator1: with yo shit pick Xeronator1: thats why u silver Xeronator1: trist ur good ur plat 2 Xeronator1: its this orn Xeronator1: lol Xeronator1: makes me mad Xeronator1: he couldved went ornn supp Xeronator1: and i go yas top Xeronator1: simple as that Xeronator1: i guess greed get in the way Xeronator1: lol look wgat happen now Xeronator1: we lose Xeronator1: bc orn decide to go top Xeronator1: right??
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