chat restrictions, reporting, and suspensions.

do reports get you banned no matter what you say? i very often stand up for myself, i play support 95% of games, and very often adcs cry and whine and int and throw. then when i roam, my team gets mad at me, and i tell them, what do u want me to do? i cant 1v2, i cant feed as well, what do you want me to do? i specifically do not cuss. i make sure that i do not cuss anyone out. sure i get angry as hell. yeah i type too much, and yeah what im saying isnt nice sometimes. but i do not cuss. no matter what, i get reported bcz my lane lost and the adc says its my fault. so at that point im getting reported no matter what because the lane is lost and everyone blames me because i type and stand up for myself when kids talk trash and throw the game. so what do i have to do to not be banned? it isnt right that i cant type whats on my mind and not be punished for it because the other people in my game decided they dont like me. most of the time what im saying isnt even that bad at all but i do type and since i typed + got reported im always going to be punished?! wtf am i supposed to do? what kind of a game is this if i cant type at all, JUST IN CASE i get reported??
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