Anyone else harrassed for making a GOOD build?

I'm not talking about those experimental, 1 time builds you have no experience with. I mean you spend as many matches as necessary OUTSIDE OF RANKED to make it work, even down to starting items. You change your gameplay style with that champ. You carry your weight, and then some of your teammates. Even that one guy always noobing a champ. You when matches. You get level 3 mastery and above... ... AND THEN you run into a narcissistic "I know everything about the game" who just happens to main your champ, who goes "wtf? what is that build?" Me: "A custom one" (just about what I said) Him: "He's not a magic type, he's jgl and physical" (has no idea how effective my items are, AND is dying too much to tell me how to main my champ) -I main ww Me: I main ww, shut it. (Lvl 5 mastery) It's DESIGNED to not be the "I know how to counter that build" , that YOU use. (my gameplay was near-solid until THE WHOLE TEAM started dying.) Another teammate: Caitlyn: Yep, ww has the worst build (has over twice as many deaths than kills, and more deaths than me for that matter. Or something along these lines? Anyway, our entire team was losing because of a FED Ashe, and one of our team was using Twitch in "dangerous ways", as in it-would-be-inting-if-he-missed-2-kills dangerous. His build was legit. He died more than me, and they IGNORED THAT to harass me; 3 of them. I jgl'd with ww properly, I got the herald, I backed them up... but they were just adhesive and dropped it on me. I spent so much time developing a COUNTER-PROOF build, that they didn't even know what to tell me to remove. It was MADE for when someone couldn't get "blade of the ruined king", or "Black cleaver", or "Titanic hydra" because of misfortune. That's how stupid it was. They couldn't call out a single thing I did wrong, because I wasn't. They just decided to harass me because they didn't want to admit that they were ALSO the reason we were losing. I reported everyone BUT Twitch that game. Does anyone else experience this nonsense? Riot doesn't help by posting the BASIC "This'll work" builds online for everyone to build counters to. I had to use this build because I know everyone would counter ww, and I've SLAYNE other WW's with it. Sue me for being original.
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