I am honestly so outraged HOW does this chat log really deserve a chat restriction?? In-Game ArconAlliances: can you please gank he's been standing under my turret for about 10 min ArconAlliances: PANTHEON PLEASE ArconAlliances: oh man im SO tilted ArconAlliances: oh my god their junggler is SO good ArconAlliances: good job vi ArconAlliances: please ArconAlliances: pantheon listen to me ArconAlliances: just 1 gank ArconAlliances: please man ArconAlliances: im begging you ArconAlliances: Just 1 gank ArconAlliances: thats it ArconAlliances: i literally can't do anything against renekton ArconAlliances: please man ArconAlliances: NO? ArconAlliances: WHY! ArconAlliances: WHAT DID I DO ArconAlliances: IM JUST ASKING FOR GANKS WHY ARE YOU MAD ArconAlliances: oh my god im literally boiling ArconAlliances: muted ArconAlliances: IM SO GOOD LETS FUCKING GO ArconAlliances: sorry man but I was losing at first and you got cocky, so had to put you in your place ;) ArconAlliances: gg this game is fuckin ez ArconAlliances: LOL Post-Game ArconAlliances: Report me I don't fucking care, ArconAlliances: If you ganked I wouldn't have bothered you ArconAlliances: BYE I was playing on my alt account and I had a junggler who would not gank while the Vi was camping me, and I got really pissed because the renekton was always pushed up and he ALWAYS out trades me. I literally said nothing offensive, I wasn't flaming, HOW IS THIS CONSIDERED TOXIC. What the fuck? You can literally get punished for ANYTHINGa as soon as someone decides to report you. I even told him i didn't care if he reported BECAUSE I DIDNT ACTUALLY THINK I'D GET PUNISHED.

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