I'm quite upset that this kind of behavior is not punished.

I encountered this player yesterday sadly, She/He started with a good waiting at the fountin, then she/he decided to go top lane, and gave first blood as soon as she could to the enemy top laner, who happened to be renekton at the time. We were like okay, it happens, then she just went up again walking around the renekton doing nothing and of course she died again. We eventually lost the game, she didn't say anything the whole game, she only said 1 thing at the end and it made me mad a bit. The thing she said was "xD". Before this I was like, okay she/he is having a bad game, and that's it but that "xD" made it clear that she/he did it on purpose. She/he is still not banned, which is very unfortunate. The strange thing that she/he has 80% win rate with evelynn out of 26 games. (Maybe the account is boosted). Take a look at these photos and tell me what you think in the comments. https://imgur.com/zdlKzJm https://imgur.com/jlSXQQk Thank you for reading, and I hope you will never encounter this player, best of luck! Edit: The Support ticket was looked at, and she/he didn't get punished, Hey there , I am sorry you have encountered a player who was intentionally dying and ruined the game. This behaviour is not okey and should not be happening. I want to ensure that your reports matter and i am gonna investigate your case. Unfortunately i will not be able to confirm the outcome of the investigation but actions would be taken if its necessary. Even if you couldn’t use the report feature for this game,or you feel like this does matter or work, i want to ensure you it does, please keep using it when you can. Reports you make provide us with valuable tracking information and help to escalate players to our attention for investigation. Each report brings violators of the Summoner's Code one step closer to punishment and, hopefully, toward reformed behaviour. You’ll occasionally, but not always, get messages from the IFS letting you know that a player you reported has been punished. Keep reporting inappropriate behaviour and we’ll make sure negative actions have consequences! Thank you for reporting this to us and for your concern about the community. Have a nice day. - Riot support name - Player Support Specialist "Only perfectio - gah! ... only perfection is acceptable." I give up, I'm never going to report anyone after this, there is really no need if it's useless. So if you see me and feed go ahead I won't report you good luck, I did my job.

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