The game is balanced

Now this is probably gonna get a lot of downvotes but hear me out. Riot has created a game over 10 years with nearly 150 champions. This is the basis. There are easy champions like {{champion:86}} , there are very skill based champions like {{champion:157}}, and there is everything in between. I know everyone complains about how unbalanced things are, and that certain champions are just plain broken. Now this isn't necessarily wrong. {{champion:555}} was insanely good, and was just nerfed. He was very over-tuned, and I don't think anyone denies that. The thing is, that his win rate wasn't insanely high. Yea {{champion:555}} was extremely strong and he could snowball his team with his ult if the player knew how to hit it. However his win rate was still right around 50%, in fact almost all champions are within 5% of a 50% win rate. With a pool of 145 champions this is impressive. It's very hard to balance a game without making something else overpowered. It's a very delicate balance and many people don't appreciate how well riot does this. For example lets say {{champion:157}} has his q and his e nerfed, but his ults base damage incresed by 75. Now this just seems like a small rework for {{champion:157}} , but this actually buffs {{champion:54}}. This buffs their ult combo, and buffs their bot sup combo. You can't buff or nerf anything without thinking of its effects. It's insanely impressive that almost every champion has a win rate so close to 50%, and people need to appreciate it more. The lowest win rate is 43%. Now this statistic isn't one hundred percent obviously (Partially since it's {{champion:429}} and basically nobody plays her.) My main point is step back and stop flaming riot for champions who are strong. Not only because it's insanely hard to balance, but also because every champion has a counter pick who will beat them. Anyways this was basically one rant about people complaining about something being broken instead of counter-picking or learning to play around it.

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