Is there any reason for me to keep playing League of Legends?

It has been something like a month since I bought a new gaming laptop, and I'm very happy. League of Legends was literally the only game I played, and for as much as I disliked the community, I kept playing and buying cosmetics. Now that I got this new laptop, I tried many different games, ranging from Roleplaying games such as Black Desert, to FPS like Overwatch. One game really got my attention (and no, it wasn't League) it was Heroes of the Storm. The game was simply amazing, mechanics were fair, it had a cool sistem by which you were able to get everything for free... but most importantly, the community was GREAT. No toxic people, none. Literally had one player that complained a little after not winning, but never used curse words. And keep in mind, i reached level 70 in a month, it's a lot of games played. Today I said to myself, why not try League of Legends again? I mean, the community is really bad, but I also made a lot of friends thanks to this game. Most of all, the characters in this game are simply amazing. I decided to play a game in my main role: Support. The champion select starts and our Bot lane player asks for Mid lane, his wish is granted, nothing special so far. The game plays out this way: me and my Swain bot win lane with me dying a couple times and missing most of my skillshots (after A MONTH of not playing League it seems understandable). Our Aurelion Sol Mid well... starts feeding some kills, which is not something you like seeing in your games, but it happens, I thought to myself "maybe I'll play another game after this one and it will be better, losing games happens." (spoilers I didn't play another game). Long story short Aurelion Sol rage quit, while spamming with pings our jungler (I had everybody muted because I wanted to focus on my game). I then unmuted my team-mates just to see what reaction they would have if I said "this game is so bad, after a month of not playing it and jumping back to it I get someone who rage quits. It's not really the game that's bad, it's the people.", I typed it, so my Swain replied with "you are so sh*t you don't have the right to complain". I lost my mind, I responded to it, without being toxic, saying that if he had a job he should hold tight to it since he has a bad attitude (I know it's a weird thing to say, but for some reason I always treat people like I'm their brother or something) and he replied "i do have a job otherwise how would I have bought my pc, %%%%%%". Now I don't know what's up with this guy being so ragy after what was a normal game, but I decided to shut my mouth and play the game, since it's just a waste of time to argue with people like these. At the end of the game he typed "enjoy your ban Morg" (I was playing Morgana btw). Now, give me a reason why I should keep playing League of Legends, because so far, there is none. The community is toxic, nobody wants to have a nice general discussion, and most of all, everybody is really competitive even in games that mean NOTHING. If anybody took their time to read this, I'll gladly thank them, meanwile, you'll be finding me playing Heroes of the Storm, because even if the game doesn't have a competitive scene now, it's still great to play a game that turns afk people into bots, so you could still have a chance to win. Honestly, I love league, but I'm really just DONE dealing with players like these. I hope the best for Riot Games and their future, but I'm probably going to quit. See ya.

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