tell me how this game could give me a chat ban didnt swear at anyone or say thing that was mean i was infact being flamed the whole game by a sona there is not any grounds for a chat ban here wtf riot. ive put so much money into this game only 2 have severall aco%%%%s banned over silly pointless things like this like can you guys actually start reading the chat before you ban people like look at the context and what i was actually replying to Game 1 Pre-Game Son Yasu0 : mid In-Game Son Yasu0 : gg Son Yasu0 : u guys fed that kha to the point he can one hit me already Son Yasu0 : he just did so Son Yasu0 : no you got caught out in the jungle for no reason Son Yasu0 : your the bad one Son Yasu0 : had no reason to be in the jungle at tthat time Son Yasu0 : ur playiong a champ with no skill shots your bad kid Son Yasu0 : just jumps on me and i die Son Yasu0 : why you camping me with that double pog champ action lol Son Yasu0 : ahaha Son Yasu0 : gotta love that bad toxic sup Son Yasu0 : sona shut up ur toxic and your playing a no skill support champ all you do is gett carried by an adc and you cant even do that Son Yasu0 : ahah akha jumps on me Son Yasu0 : there is no out play to that Son Yasu0 : nunu in t6he jungle inting yet again Son Yasu0 : omg ahah a Son Yasu0 : its a normal game Son Yasu0 : just ff Son Yasu0 : can you guys report this sona toxic please shes been just saying shit to our whole team all game toxic af Son Yasu0 : could care less i got camped by a kha in a blind pick agasint a counter pick so i dont really care but the fact this sona is being toxic ios just bs Son Yasu0 : ahaha fuckin poggers Son Yasu0 : zed cant even do shit but kha one hits me Son Yasu0 : u know he can one hit you Son Yasu0 : but you sit there in his jump range Son Yasu0 : lmao Son Yasu0 : thats was a 12 iq play for real lmao Son Yasu0 : they planned that for so long all of them together with thier 12 iq lmao that bush play Son Yasu0 : that wasnt fun Son Yasu0 : did you dc or somthing? Son Yasu0 : i thought for sure you were gonna walk into that nado lmao nice flash Son Yasu0 : why you run XD Son Yasu0 : was having fun tryin to fight you your pretty good vayne Son Yasu0 : nice Son Yasu0 : dam ahah a Son Yasu0 : thornmail op
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