How can you check your current standing...

as far as being close to being banned? I have not done or said anything against TOS on this account while on another I intentionally tried to see how fast I could get it banned. The account I intentionally sank was banned after one, count them ONE game where "I" was told to quote "kys" and I reported it only to find out I was immediately banned. This account, I've got good honor levels, I don't flame, and I encourage enemy team to keep trying even when they flame in All Chat. I only smack talk to be silly, and I don't threaten or harass people beyond "lololol you got owned! I win!" style comments, and am a good sport about receiving that in kind when it's just game banter of that nature. I don't want to lose THIS account, but that one I experimented with was given no warning and had no way to track it's standing. That's incredibly shady and eff'd up if you ask me. Input and helpful links would be amazing. Thank you!

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