2 week ban not deserved. How can you deal with passive aggressive players?

So I got a 2 week ban which I feel was totally undeserved. I dont mind this except it puts my precious account on thin ice afterwards. What happened was I was in a game, not having my best game. I was pantheon top getting whooped by an urgot top. So 2 of my teammates decided to flame me, but in a passive aggressive way... like spam ping question marks at u, saying "best panth i ever seen", "noob panth" etc. So I flame them back but in a direct way and tell them to shut their ass up. So... an argument kinda started and I guess I won, so they report me, and then I get banned. If I backed down from that argument, they would just flame the fuck out of me. This has happened a million times. Riot takes action against direct flame but not the passive aggressive flame who always start it. We're human, we have emotions
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