Just wanted to recognize Gr8WhitePanda

I was jungling and had a bot lane that was giving me a hard time the whole game. If I lost a dual? Gave me shit. If I got only 1 kill in a skirmish? Gave me shit. If Baron was stolen even after I pinged my smite was on CD? Gave me shit. This man Gr8WhitePanda was our mid, and he was a positive influence the entire time. He didn't flame the bot lane for flaming me, he simply tried to curb the malice with encouragement and consideration. His behavior was inspirational. I honored him, but I felt like he deserved so much more. I wish Riot had a system in place where I could report exemplary behavior like his. After the game, when I thanked him for his good nature, not only did he politely decline my offer to gift him a skin, he chose to gift me a skin of my favorite champion. We talked a bit, and he is likely the nicest person I've met through League. Here's to you Gr8WhitePanda, you're an example we should all live by.

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