Player behaviour problems

So i hadn't played league in a couple weeks, decided to hop in game tonight. In a two and a half hour session i played three games with one remake and i encountered - -------------------- A champ select troll who threatened to int over their preferred role, forced a dodge A Nasus who gave up in champ select and had 15 cs @ 12 min A Veigar who i gank for early and give the kill to then still loses lane without any further jungler intervention and blames me for their lost lane A support says they're going to report me because that veigar lost his lane An afk remake game In that afk remake game our adc decided to run it down as if it was impossible for our afk to recconnect, imagine if they had ffs A 4 man premade who wouldn't ping or communicate anything at all A full tear build azir who was legit running it down mid Lots and Lots of rage, not even from the people i mentioned. -------------------- Across those 3 games, the dodged champ select, and the remake i had 20 teammates, and of those 13 were either straight up trolling, threatening to troll, afk, or raging. Can anyone explain to me why i should keep playing a game where this stuff is not only accepted but is the norm? This is by far not even the worst experience I've had in this game and I'm struggling to find a reason to keep playing right now given these are not new problems. I see nothing to hope for, as far as i can tell the devs have given up on these problems. Seriously does anyone have anything? Is there any hope for this game? How can anyone take this game competitively seriously when this is the norm?
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