"Retalitory Report"

Basically, I'm tired of trolls abusing the reports. I don't typically report people because unlike most snowflakes I understand it's a game, and I like to sprinkle salt. There's good and bad cholesterol. I think a lot of people's frustrations with the game are well deserved, albeit poorly aimed. So when someone on the team gives up First Blood- the frustration is real because the game snowballs too quick and a lane with FB begins to powerhouse. Poorly aimed is flaming the person that died. If I give up FB I expect a little salt because the game is broken and I expect frustrations. Why report a person and ruin their gaming experience any further? I'm guilty of throwing salt when I get stuck in a game like this. But I've noticed a serious trend- the person rallying for reports is throwing just as much salt, if not more. RULES ASIDE Just pretend for a second that it's up to us as players to set the precedent for how to behave in the game. It's really ironic that someone could be "toxic" and then at the same time try to pretend that other people should be punished for the same behavior. And it's self-defeating because as soon as I see the word "report" I remember who to report post-game. Like, I can let salt slide, but when a person wants to bring it to the next level and try attacing my account literally because they are still salty and want to milk it for everything it's worth.. then there's just an element of frustration that is left unchecked. I would love to be able to have Team Speak in all my games because it really helps aleviate the frustration of communication. But it's not always possible. What I think would help is if Riot started DISMISSING REPORTS SUBMITTED BY TROLLS. Someone saying things that are "moderately insulting" has already justified this sort of behavior for themselves. It would be nice if Riot was like: "You want a report? Too bad look how you were acting. Fair game buddy." And throw the report out. It would free up Riot from havnig to deal with the petty nonsense, It would deter people from trying to tilt allies in order to bait a report And it would save people from dealing with losing what they've worked for to achieve in the game ^All 3 of these issues can be tackled by simply rejecting "retalitory reports". And I really believe that once people are no longer able to use Riot as a shield for their toxicity, and when they are no longer able to use reports for self-serving toxicity, then the community will begin to heal and we can move on from all the nonsense.
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