Just played my first game after a month break, huge mistake.

I recently just got finished moving from South Carolina to Louisiana (945 miles), and havn't had time for League. So, I thought it would be nice to play my first game in a while, and boy was that a huge fucking mistake. I get into game and my bot lane is severely flaming the absolute hell out of eachother, go 0/10 in lane, my Draven tells Karma to kill themselves, then starts flaming me the entire game because apparently I'm "bronze 5 trash ", am a "kid", and "suck on my mothers titties". I'm also apparently an "autistic premature fuck" who "never goes outside and is overweight black trash". Now, before anyone tells me to just "mute the player and move on", that doesn't solve anything regarding the communities toxicity as a whole. I don't like having to do /mute all at the start of the game, just so I can not see that shit in my chat logs. I try to be a friendly person, one who looks for friends to play with, but it's just so punishing to not just mute everyone at the start of the game because it's just filled with negativity. I'm also not going to lie, after my month break, I've just been a much happier person. This game was mentally fucking killing me, well not the game itself, but the God damn community. Of course, there are some bullshit champions roaming around and too much mobility/damage creep, but hopefully Riot (Greg Street) opens their eyeballs and realizes that they fucked up. In all honesty though, I think I'm done with this game permanently, at least until Riot can address player behavior better. It's completely ruined League for me.

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