How can such players not get penalised?

Recently i have gotten my login data back for my season 3 account, so i thought i could play some games. Now i have reached platinum V with a 73% winrate and im doing pretty good, and i have been very happy with the matchmaking and had a lot of fun climbing. Just now i played with a player named(^), he was doing not that great, but we could have won the game pretty easily. At some point in the game i bought spirit visage on Darius, because i was laning against a rumble but the enemy team had 3 AD champions so i figured that my build wasn&#039;t that good and i started to build armor after that. Ashe was already a little bit tilted because she did lose lane but didn&#039;t flame. Suddenly ashe saw my build and started flaming me in chat that i had spirit visage even though i stomped my lane. I told her that she had no idea what she was talking about, after that comment she completely flipped and started calling me things like incest kid and hopes my whole family gets cancer and dies(and some more random insults). that continued into me muting her and then she was afk farming botlane for the rest of the game until we lost at a baron fight 4v5. after game (^) added me and told me to kill myself and unfriended me so that i cant screenshot it :/ so im can this not get penalised? I hope you all can understand where im coming from and i hope some kind of support member can look into this player and the chat log of the game, because it was pretty disturbing to see someone get so angry just because i bought the wrong item. (^) (^) <removed by moderation>
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