The Low Tiers of Ranked

Today I'm bringing my case up The low tiers of ranks now although some of you maybe like "We don't care about bronze/silver because i'm gold/plat/etc." Or "I don't care because bronze/silver ranked players are bad, and if you complain about the ranking your in that means your bad and you can't carry yourself out of silver/bronze" What I'm stating is that the lower tiers of ranks are horrendous, there are so many abusive players that if you have a bad game and feed "Olaf ruined the game, he shouldn't play anymore, uninstall plz, gg olaf fed, report pl0x" This , IS NOT ACCEPTABLE! This only makes you or the player your flaming worse and doing so they will lose their self confidence and not play anymore, seriously, think about it, I think I had one time where a kid, told me to "Kill yourself and drink bleach" because I went 0/3. Can we please have a new option for reporting people so something is done about it as soon as possible? something like "If they harassed you severely, press this button to bring up chat logs and copy paste them into the report box so we can investigate asap." Honestly, it makes you not want to play ranked, you really don't want to play but you do because you want to get to gold, but even my friend who is diamond 3 cannot carry a bronze game... this is how bad players are now a days... can you fix the match making so smurfing accounts don't get into bronze games "ON PURPOSE" Because that's annoying and then unfair advantages happen.
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