Got autobanned for 14 days after explaining the meaning of kys

Played a game in normal. A heimer on the other team straight up inted the first minute of the game because another player banned his champ on the selection screen. My team and I started to talk very casually about that kind of behavior. Heim was very toxic in /all chat. I said that I usually never talk like that ever since i was banned about 2 years ago for a "kys" comment, admitting it was dumb af. Someone on the team asked what kys meant and I simply said it in chat. No one really cared since it was between us and not aimed at anyone. I also stated that riot was right to ban me for this. Welp... next thing I know, my account was banned again for explaining what kys meant. That's a low blow Riot. Also check what the bot flagged as innaproprite in my chat log and couldnt really see what i did wrong. The bot also mention I was reported 19 games over 20. Meanwhile, i'm almost always playing /mute all. Either the bot is very wrong or players don't understand the meaning of toxixity. I'm at level 2 honor on a lvl 21 account. It makes no sense. [Edit : tl/dr the comments, show me the log] Game 1 In-Game ImFrenchTBH: bruh ImFrenchTBH: I can't have a normal game in normals ImFrenchTBH: kinda sad ImFrenchTBH: heim just play man ImFrenchTBH: no shiet ImFrenchTBH: but you carry right? ImFrenchTBH: just open mid ImFrenchTBH: tru ImFrenchTBH: got banned for 2 weeks for a kys comment ImFrenchTBH: not really tho ImFrenchTBH: i deserved it ImFrenchTBH: was tilted out of my mind ImFrenchTBH: drop to plat1 because of trolls ImFrenchTBH: was livid ImFrenchTBH: yeah but a kys comment is dumb af ImFrenchTBH: ^ ImFrenchTBH: "Kill yourself" ImFrenchTBH: come on ImFrenchTBH: don't report me on that ImFrenchTBH: yeah nah ImFrenchTBH: wasn't my best call ImFrenchTBH: aight ImFrenchTBH: kthx ImFrenchTBH: everyone mid ImFrenchTBH: oh ImFrenchTBH: oh ImFrenchTBH: that's toxic af tho ImFrenchTBH: who banned your champ heim? ImFrenchTBH: me too ImFrenchTBH: still getting reported tho
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