The direction of the game is headed to the point of no return

First a little background: I was recently given a temporary suspension. I went and looked at my chat log. No hate speech, no curse words, did not tell people to kill themselves, nothing. Literally nothing. I have nothing to hide here. One of the included chat logs has a section with me typing to my teammate that if I'm being camped 2v1 or 3v1 up top lane, I can't do anything else and the rest of my team should be winning. One of the games, the opposing top laner gets destroyed in lane with me and then types after chat "I'm reporting you to get you banned," to "get back at me," for him losing lane. My mid laner admits in chat he was trolling the entire game because "I don't play mid," mind you, after blaming me for him going 6 deaths within 15 minutes as if it were somehow my fault. You can literally get banned for writing to someone "please follow your lane," and then typing "muted," after they curse you out. The only surefire way to not get banned is to NEVER type anything in chat. But of course, you can troll/grief as hard as you want if you do not directly admit it in chat (see below). Today, people are getting chat bans or suspensions because of other people trolling and being petty. It's pretty sad. You will get punished because of fraudulent reports. Riot's system does not actually create a more wholesome gaming environment, but promotes griefing and trolling. It's been mentioned in other threads before, if you do not directly admit it in chat, you can start following around people to creep jack them, feed on purpose in their lane, afk in bushes, and you will not get banned. Rather, the people that report you and call you out on your griefing WILL get banned. Riot spreads a massive lie about how it wants to promote a "toxicity" (and almost no one here really knows what that means) free environment, but truly only cares about lining their pockets with money. The mere existence of mastery, taunting/laughing, and now the emote commands first and foremost brings additional income to Riot. Whatever secondary reasons you can think of, the cash grab is the first intention. I have a friend who regularly spends money to purchase RP, and tilts easily. I have seen him deliberately troll teammates when things do not go his way. I'm talking about walking down the lane to feed or hiding in the enemy jungle to feed if he doesn't get blue, for example. I have a theory that people that spend money to buy RP are harder to ban, but I can prove nothing. Regardless, I have seen the most toxic players spamming taunt/laugh but they will never get punished. I have seen players follow their jungle around creep camp to creep camp jacking their cs while spamming taunt/laugh, but they will never get punished. As long as they do not admit it in chat, they will never get punished. I have seen players walk past other teammates who are getting ganked, and flash mastery/taunt while watching their teammates die. Guess what? They won't be punished either. I find it absolutely ironic and hilarious that Riot thinks their long term longevity will not suffer from encouraging these kinds of behaviors. In any other competitive venue, griefing or trolling is not tolerated. Can you imagine a televised NBA match where a person on team A starts trolling and passing the ball to a person on the other team, team B? I guarantee you the "toxicity" that you see there will be 10000x greater than anything a Riot chatlog can bring you, and not only that, the only person who will get punished will be that troll. I'm basically done with this game. If anyone asks me in the future about my opinion of Riot, I will give them my objective, fair assessment, which unfortunately for Riot, will not be flattering.
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