Getting perma banned while being on week 2 of your 14-Day-Suspencion

Hey there guys! I have quite the _controversial topic_ to discuss here because **I'm actually clueless and want to hear your opinion** (I've already sent in a ticket). Since July 16th I've been punished to not be able to play on my account for 14 days. I thought: "Well there you go again. You actually accomplished the complete opposite of what you tried to achieve." (What I'm referring to is that I've tried to reform and stay calm.) I mean I tried my best to dodge every conflict a player has ever made in my games. I've muted the all-chat and never unmuted it, almost never responded to toxicity in the beginning and instantly muted anyone that tried to trigger me. That didn't go for long because I tried playing Ranked.. I deservingly got banned for 14 days after my 10- and 25-Game chat restrictions. I mean I was toxic because I had atleast one or two people over a span of atleast 20 games in my rankeds that thought to keep trading with their fed laner. I don't want to say that justifies my actions but I got frustrated seeing people play like that. More than a week has already passed and I already forgot on which date I'm able to play again.. So I logged back into my Account just to see the "Permanently Banned" Pop-Up. I immediately felt like Riot was messing with me. **How can I possibly have done something that triggers them to permanently ban me whilst still being on suspencion? (REMEMBER!: I have not been punished more than 3x - 10 > 25 Game chat restriction > 14 day suspencion)** I have never heard of anyone getting their ban "upped" that's why I created this thread. I just want things to be clarified. Thanks in advance The Archìtect {{champion:67}}
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