I GOT PREMA FOR THIS .. gj Riot .. .gj

BTW its sad how you unbanned tyler 1 when ppl started to lave form LOL ... losing money .. sure lets unban him so we can earn much more ... cuz we dont have enough money ... NOo... sad Riot sad... gj Riot wont even ask how much time and money I spent on this game.... they wont ban players that troll or int ...they are to lazy to do that or watch replays .. you should be ashame of your self ... Riot you are usless... Thats not a company its .. sad ... You know what else is sad no one cares if that jhin was trolling whole game he wont get banned for his behevior nooo... only the one that is tilted will ... no respect for u Riot ... watch the game and look what he was doing then ban me ... most of the time ppl that int or troll dont get even a warning ... noo but if u flame someone ... you will be treated as a .. idk TERORIST ... Its sad that ppl who flame only get banned....
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