Perma Banned?????

Perma Banned for telling my JG to watch their map - then mid goes into a rant trying to argue that i was toxic for saying it? You have to be kidding me? If players cant accept a comment like that and players that have played since beta get banned for saying and no sugar coating - "why did you go to his blue?" "you saw i went to his red so he clearly started blue""and you went there, wasted time, and then died""cause now top and mid are both fucked" after i said that our mid went into a rant - calling me toxic for calling out a bad jg'ler that didn't even remotely look at their map at all - also this was a normal not ranked - didn't call anyone names and only defended myself after the mid (not the jg) then went off on me. srsly? This is just silly - there's toxic (which i have been toxic when calling someone out, not arguing that) but there's also just internet constructive criticism and in 2019 if you cant take someone calling you out for not using ur eyes on an internet game that is competitive (even tho it was normal) then you shouldn't be playing the game to begin with. Also want to note that while mid started the rant both mid and jg lost completely and just fed - i had the least deaths and i wasn't arguing with no one just defending myself while they went into all chat and kept it going. yet i get reported for and banned for this. This is ridiculous. As a human being I'm suppose to just shut my mouth while someone talks crap to me and calls me names while i didn't call anyone names at all (called me a mong) and in the end i get in trouble. Lets not forget the time and $$ I've invested into your game - if you want to ban me that's fine at least give me a legit reason.
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