tempban for having a Jg AFK farming all game

I received a message in my client of everything that I said in a game where I had jungler who never communicated, not even with pings. When they told me I received a temp-ban they only showed what I said that game. Not what else people were saying, only what I put in. I wasn't the only one in the game being salty. The enemy team had a Riven that ended up 20-2, and when the enemy team talked smack, I said you F******s are funny, which I'd assume is what got me temp-banned. I feel this is unjust, other people contributed, my team was not communicating, so yeah. I got a little salty. Doesn't deserve a two week ban and a dishonorable status. Riot only will ban people that say racist things or get reported for harassment when I wasn't the only one saying things that were more or less demeaning to everyone else playing the game
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