Another loss due to autofill trolls and being unable to avoid it

3 well behaved players try and go into a rank game, all solo. Then a duo is also placed on this team and one of them gets autofilled toi support and picks rengar and proceeds to give 4 kills to the enemy bot lane in the first 5 minutes and then goes into jungle to take camps all without a single word(because thats all that matters, do what you want as long as you dont say mean things) Obviously this got reported, by multiple people on both teams(which also doesn't matter because "we can't allow everyone agreeing someone is a troll in a SOLOQ game to mean anything" - But this will sweep by unpunished because they normally play fine according to their match history, god forbid they get autofilled once in 10+ games. Then no one on our team can dodge because weve ALREADY HAD TO DODGE due to other trolls in other lobbies. Seriously, Riot needs to fix this shit, I feel like half my losses have been caused by autofill issues for players and having nothing to do with what team is better than the other. Instead of "Begin Search" its the "Hope I dont get trolled!" button to set up lobbies...
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