Reporting players from lobby

Hi everyone, so there has always been an issue with trolls in pre-game lobbies and there has never been any sort of solution to the problem either proposed or even addressed. Players are expected to either waste their own time playing a game where someone has explicitly set out to troll and lose the game or create a poor experience for their team or dodge. There are only two options for players currently 1: Dodge and accept the LP loss and save time 2 Play the game out and report the player after Neither of which are fair solutions to the players who have done nothing wrong. The two immediate solutions i have to this problem which by no means are perfect but are far better than the what are currently in the game 1: Have some way of reporting people in pre-game lobbies, this means that even if players do have to dodge they can at least report said players which hopefully will flag these accounts and punishments will be delivered. hopefully with this it would disincentivise players from acting in such ways. 2: have the players in lobby go to the recent players tab in the social section whilst also adding a 'report' button to said tab again allowing players who are forced to dodge a way to report trolls. I KNOW that there are some problems with implementation of both of these suggestions but i believe the benefit would outweigh the downsides. I am also very aware that other solutions could be implemented to fix these problems. Thanks for reading, if anyone from riot has an queries about my suggested solutions let me know i'd be more than happy to help analyse the pros and cons, explain why i believe this is something we need or any other questions. thanks for reading and i hope this post garners some sort of notice because this has been a problem for far too long
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