Is intentionally giving up more than 1 tower considered inting?

Just got out of a game where our bot lane wasn't feeding kills, they were trading a lot though. However, they paid no attention to their bot laners being MIA (they would have been ganked and then fed). Next thing you know, the enemy team takes dragon and steamrolls with at least 4 of them taking all 3 mid towers and its inhibitor, and I died when trying to defend the third tower. Roughly 20 seconds after our inhibitor falls, my bot lane barely take the first enemy bot tower. I've made mistakes, got tunnel vision and lost towers, sometimes a second one even though I tried to ping for it/respond to it. But to ignore the announcements from dragon to towers to inhibitor is definitely something only a pair of trolls or otherwise completely incompetent players would do. This is less about if it was a report-able or not, as to if feeding is the correct category. Probably should have also added Negative Attitude, since it includes griefing, and I believe one of them (that is I didn't catch the player name who typed it right before the game ended in DEFEAT) also scolded me for Poppy-R-ing their juggernaut away from behind tower (not under tower) because they were focusing the tanky full-health Kled not dealing damage to tower, but still a threat to our champions.
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