People reporting for off meta picks

So, I just got auto filled and played a game of Xerath as support. Xerath has pretty much a 30% role rate as support, so I didn’t think much of it. The first game, someone says, “I’m not dealing with Xerath supp” and dodges. Great. Next game, nothing happens. Until I get first kill. I have a sivir adc, and they ignite a thresh walking away. This was only about 2-3 minutes into the game, so ignite only did around 70/90 true damage. I saw the thresh had 150hp, and it wouldn’t have killed him, so I q him and he dies. Here’s what follows: Sivir: ks GavinTFI: he wouldn’t have died Sivir: s7fu GavinTFI: lulw So, I continued as normal. We played about 1 minute later when I w’d a group of minions (maybe 5 minions) and sivir says, “I’m done ur garbage xerath fuc kyou” He leaves. Great. I ask the enemy team and my team to report him, and to which I get a response by the enemy Olaf saying, “why?” I say, “leaving and toxic” Enemy adc says, “report yourself for picking xerath support” Enemy support says, “^ lol” I say, “report yourself for inting then lul” So, I continue in lane 1v2ing the enemies, getting fed, and carrying. They end up ffing and I got a satisfying victory and a fat report on sivir. TL;DR: my adc leaves because I play xerath support and carry. I ask if the enemy will report sivir for leaving and they tell me to report myself for playing xerath support Point is, why do people hate off meta picks so much? I’ve played xerath support 3 times now; each time getting no less than an s-. My adc leaves and the enemies trash talk me because I choose a very good and viable character. Note: this isn’t high mmr and it’s in draft pick normal. I’m only level 36 (leveled up because of this game). This probably wouldn’t happen in like a diamond game but still, you get my point. Thanks for reading, and if you’ve ever done this, please say why. {{champion:101}} :) Edit: I wrote this on mobile sorry for mistakes
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