Perma Banned, unfairly.

So here&#039;s what happened, in champion select screen, I &quot;Declared&quot; Shaco as jungler, everyone else declared their champs, this player named <name removed by moderation> did not declare anything, I banned zoe, so she bans my shaco and tells me I should&#039;ve asked before banning Zoe, even though, she did not declare that champ, I did my best to jungle as Xin, even though I have no other junglers at the moment, all my others are laners, so her and her premades, most of my team, reported me for &quot;trolling&quot; after the match, although, the only one that trolled was Nidalee aka <removed by moderation>, I dont know how to &quot;add a link&quot; but this is definitely an unfair ban, please unban me and give the ban to the appropriate player.
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