I just had a game that started promisingly, then 5 pings later, the whole team goes AFK.

I don't think the people from my last game were adults. Mid was 0/1, jungle was 0/1, bot was 2/0, I was 1/1 Lucian gets 2 kills then before recalling, pushes the wave in to reset the waves and get some experience advantage at which point our jungle decides to start a fight, which our mid joined despite their jungler being 2/0 and obviously they start getting their asses handed to them. As God intended, they both die. Dying 2 times in a row didn't set well with mid so he starts pinging question marks (btw, the most toxic and useless ping ever, never actually used for MIA) on Lucian, i don't know why but the support also starts joining in. Now, Lucian gets tilted and says "Ping me once more and I'm out", our mid spam pings "Lucian - Alive" (btw also pretty much useless other than contributing salt) He DCs. "Oh well", our mid and sup stands at base and keeps using their skills on an ally, dc-d Lucian. After another death, the jungle goes afk. And there we have it, in a span of 20 sec, a winnable game turns into a 1v5.
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