If Riot doesn't ban NB3, it proves to me that they're just in it for the $$$.

NB3 is one of Riots biggest sources of income when it comes to the streamer side of things, and has been for a good while now. Hell, he's also promoting the game fairly well on youtube as well, doing things like promoting skins saying "they're op omg" every single second. I'm sure you're all aware of the Nubrac situation, and yes I can understand his frustation, but that doesn't give him the right to flame the shit out of him. He's also told people numerous times to "kys" on stream, keeps saying "r%%%%%" on air which is highly against Twitch.tv's ToS, for that's literally discrimination. He constantly afk's by sitting in the fountain when games don't go his way and just sits there and talks with his chat. So, the way I see it is simply this: If he afk's, it gives everyone one else on his team to afk because there isnt any reason to play the game at that point. It's basically saying "You're going to lose, like it or not". Aka, **holding people hostage.** By Riots summoners code, you are not allowed to afk unless your team has _**UNANIMOUSLY**_ agreed upon doing so. You are also not allowed to have a negative attitude in the slightest degree, promote suicide, belittle players, insult players, nor flame in general. He has broken all of these rules, so if Riot doesn't take any action on punishing this player, they have proved my point that they don't give a rats ass as long as their making money. I have been banned for shit that's WAY less severe than what he is doing while _**BROADCASTING IT LIVE.**_
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