Don't blame supports for your defeat.

Okay, so I saw someone make a post about don't blame your junglers for your lose, and I think the same can very much carry over to supports. In most games, no one wants to be the support. They're squishy, can't get kills, thought of as useless, etc. I, as a Sona main (Though I'm also a Ahri main), however, can testify and say that supports don't deserve this much crap or hatred. Even though we may not be able to get kills, you have to remember the name of the role: **SUPPORT. ** Supports help you get kills, usually die a lot, and get assists. You can't expect a support like Soraka or Sona to 100-0 your games, I mean yeah, they're strong, but they're not built for that at all. No ADC would exist if they're support didn't come tag along and help now would they? Bottom line: Don't throw all the blame on your support if you guys end up losing. If you lose, then it's not one person's fault, rather, it's the lack of communication and everyone's fault. We all have roles to play, so help each other out and don't throw your jealously or salt at your own teammates. Separate reality from the gaming world and toss that salt container away, and I'm sure that your team will appreciate it.
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