Player Salvation

When I started playing this game in S2 i fell into the ultra competitive toxic life like some players do in this league. I complained, trolled, harrassed when things went south during a game. IN S7 my main account with probably $500+ of skins and every champ owned was permabanned. Rightfully deserved I agree. What it taught me was how to be a better player and more importantly a better teammate. I have definitley changed my behavior and with that have had way more fun leveling up and actually made it to Silver without really trying. I know that is not high but for me it was an important milestone. Now i am building positive stats and leveling up my honor level which means more to me know than it did back then. So here is my question for RIOT to maybe consider for those who have been permabanned. If those players who were once toxic learn from RIOT's penalties and turn themselves around into great teammates demonstrating a consistent level of positive attitude and encouragement. Would they consider reactivating the permabanned account? Of course one would have to demonstrate ownership of both the original and turnaround accounts. Anyway just a musing from a rahabilitated former troll. :-)
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