Is paying for coaching and getting wins by duoing with the coach boosting?

I ran into a smurf in a ranked game recently who was a diamond 2 coach playing with a silver 1 (now gold 4) player on a silver 4 smurf. When he coaches, he plays with the individual he's coaching and completely dominates games, he currently boasts an 88% winrate this season and that's just on that one smurf. People who want to be coached pay for hour long sessions via bits on Twitch. Though the intent may be different, is there any in-game difference between this and paying a high elo player to duo with you to boost you? To answer the question, it's not boosting as boosting would require someone to log in as someone else, but is it still ok? How would you be able to tell the difference between someone saying "I'm coaching him" and someone who's getting paid to carry someone else? For the record, I'm on the fence as to whether or not I would consider this duo boosting, which is why I would love to hear your guys' thoughts.
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